Looking for summer cruises 2011?

Taking a cruise is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing ways to spend a Summer holiday and there are many different cruises you and your family or just you by yourself can go on. You have the option of going for as long as three weeks or as short as three days and you can do it all on a budget or you can splash out and be extravagant.

Thomson.co.uk offer a number of different offers for Summer cruises, the first is the 'Treasures of the Mediterranean' cruise which takes in Majorca, Sicily, Naples, Rome, Ajaccio, Palamos and Palma and will set you back £539 per person for seven nights.

The second offer from thomson.co.uk is called the 'Jewels of the Mediterranean' and stops off in Majorca, Sicily, Naples, Corsica, Toulon, Barcelona and Majorca and costs £647 per person for seven nights.

For a slightly different cruise why night try thomson.co.uk's Egypt and the Holy Land cruise which lasts for seven nights and costs £500 per person and goes to Maramis, Turkey, Alexandria, Egypt, Cairo, Ashdod, Israel, Larnaca, Cyprus, Alanya, Turkey and back to Maramis in Turkey.

Cruisedeals.com offer a fantastic offer of £1,149 per person for a spot on the Caribbean cruise 'Allure of the Seas' which lasts for seven nights and stops off in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Labadee, Haiti, Falmouth, Jamaica, Cozumel, Mexico and back to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Best of luck to you in finding your perfect summer cruises 2011.

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