Exciting summer caravan holidays

For many summer caravan holidays are the only way they would think of spending their holidays.

There are two types of caravan holidays, touring and static.

Touring caravan summer holidays involve hitching a caravan to your car and towing it to wherever your fancy takes you. Lots of people own their own caravans, but if not touring caravans can be hired for any length the holidaymaker wishes.

The camping and caravanning club is a very useful website to check out. If one joins it for £39 one can avail of member rates at 110 award winning, friendly club sites throughout the UK. The club also runs courses in caravan manoeuvring and has an international travel service offering hundreds of campsites in around twenty different countries throughout Europe. Free technical and legal advice is available to all members.

The other option, that of static caravan summer holidays, is very popular. The holidaymaker decides where they would like to go on holidays and rents a caravan on site. Many companies offer this type of holiday with Eurocamp and Keycamp being probably two of the best known operators.

Caravans come in all shapes and sizes from two berth sizes up to six berths, with a single axle or double axle which is steadier on the road. There are also slide out and folding caravans which offer certain advantages in driving since you are not towing something not so big but which becomes a full sized caravan when parked and worked on for a few minutes.

So as you can see when it comes to summer caravan holidays there is a lot of choice out there.


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