Thomas Cook Style Villas to die for

Though Thomas Cook are associated with budget breaks and beach holidays, their signature range of Style destinations offers upscale accommodation at sensible prices. And now Thomas Cook Style offer great villas with a hint of luxury, that are inexpensive enough for those on a strict budget. Their holiday rentals are available in plenty of vacation destinations around the globe, including Greece, Portugal and Tunisia. Here is a look at some of the best Style Villas around.

The Algarve is known for great weather and beaches, without the eyesores, crowds and overdevelopment of the Spanish Costas. With a relaxed and historic appeal, this is a great place to look for holiday villas. The Villa Tomas in the Montechoro area can be rented for only £299 a week per person including return flights from London Gatwick airport. This villa has four bedrooms and can sleep up to eight people, so ideal for larger groups including families or a collection of close knit friends.

Turkey's Aegean Coast is another excellent location for a rental villa holiday. Renting a Turquoise Villa in Tuzla will cost around £649 a week and includes 2 double bedrooms. This holiday departs on the 19th of September.

Owners Direct also offer an amazing variety of villas across the planet. Villas in the Cape Verde Islands cost from at least £490 a week for a 2 bedroomed beach house sleeping up to six guests. This villa lies in Porto Antiga and comes with television and air conditioning.

Thomas Cook Style Villas are a great addition to the holiday rental market, and with more and more villas being added to their inventory, there are bound to be plenty of great deals in the future.

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