Stuff your rucksack and help charities abroad

The BBC wildlife television presenter Kate Humble, as given her backing to a new website that aims to encourage back-packers and travellers alike to stock up on much-needed items to take on their expeditions and donate to foreign charities.

The website, stuffyourrucksack.com, contains information about which charities in various deprived parts of the world are desperate for every-day items or household supplies, such as plasters and pencils, even footballs! Casa Guatemala, an orphanage in central America, requests that travellers provide them with paint, fishing lines and hooks, whilst 'animal welfare Dogstar Foundation in Sri Lanka asks for milk powder formulated for puppies and kittens, as well as flea and tick treatments', the Daily Mail reports.

Frequent visitors abroad can also upload their own videos and information about their travels onto the site, putting forward other charities they may have encountered for inclusion within the scheme. The aim is to create something of an expanding network of donators and whilst the site currently contains a vast amount of information on worthy world-wide causes, its relatively new status means it has yet to be filled up with contributions from compassionate travellers keen to make a difference

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