Student summer jobs abroad

If you are tired of finding conventional student summer jobs, why not try something a little different this year? Looking for a temporary job abroad allows you to fulfil both your desire to gain work experience and your desire to see the world and travel to new exciting places.

There are many organisations which arrange temporary or short-term placements around the world for students during the summer. Visit BUNAC (bunac.org) to learn about opportunities in kids' camps in the USA, or sports coaching in South Africa. You might also find chances to volunteer in animal shelters in Peru or work in a Ghanaian orphanage.

Trying searching the opportunities on gapyearjob.co.uk (using the Advanced Search function to look exclusively for summer jobs), and you will find jobs in camps all over Europe.

If you are interested in a more rural, naturalistic experience, why not try WWOOF-ing? WWOOF, the organisation representing World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, has collected a database of organic farms all around the world who seek volunteers to work for short periods.

This most ideal of international student jobs over the summer can provide you with a combination of a holiday and work experience. Usually, you are only required to work 5 or 6 hours per day.

With WWOOF, you pay for the travel yourself, but you are often provided with free accommodation at the site, and you can earn your meals or a small wage with your work on the farm.

Visit wwoof.org to read more about the project and find the individual sites representing WWOOF in each country.

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