Streams of Whiskey; Where else but in Tokyo of Course

If there is a whiskey drinkers' paradise, it is usually assumed to be in Scotland. Perhaps one of those remote distilleries where you can taste the landscape in the glass. But true connoisseurs know that the best place to drink whiskey is almost 6,000 miles away, amid the neon confusion of downtown Tokyo.

This being Japan, some are tiny, darkened basements where whiskey geeks (or otaku) sit sampling from old bottles in monkish silence. Others are more stylish joints, where bow-tied experts mix highballs and house specialities for an after-work crowd – straight out of a scene from Lost in Translation.

But, this is also Tokyo, so a dram will cost you dearly. There are a few bargains to be found, and a few bar owners in it for love, not money. Newcomers to Japan, or even to whiskey, will discover that they blend together nicely.

For starters check out the tartan carpeted , Helmsdale. Then after a top up at the Shot Bar Zoetrope, you can finish off at the high-class speakeasy that is Ginza-s.

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