Make the most of free stopovers!

If you're flying long haul, the chances are that your flight will make a connection somewhere. So for example, you may have booked your flight from London to Sydney but you'll have to get out at Singapore and hop onto another plane. Most travellers aren't aware of the potential that stopovers offer...

Stopovers are generally defined as an overnight stay in the location that the flight makes the connection - in this case Singapore. Many airlines offer stopovers at no extra charge - so you can effectively see two locations while only paying for a flight to one.

Here are some of the best stopover destinations on long haul flights from the UK...

Singapore: Singapore is compact, easy to get around and the city centre is close to the airport. Even if you have a few hours, you can see some amazing sights. Fly with: British Airways, Qantas, Singapore Airlines.

Kuala Lumpur: Soak up KL’s magical blend of old and new with a quick city stopover, or spend a few days exploring beautiful Malaysia. Fly with: Malaysia Airlines.

Bangkok: Intense, colourful and always welcoming, everyone should visit Bangkok at least once in their lifetime! If you have a few days, head north to experience some authentic Thai culture or go south to the sun-soaked tropical islands. Fly with: British Airways, Qantas, Thai Airways.

Dubai: For an intensely pampering stopover, Dubai is hard to beat. Whether you stay at the world’s finest hotels or just admire them from a distance, it’s truly a unique destination. Fly with: Emirates.

Hong Kong: With amazing food, great value for money, incredible sights and a buzzing nightlife, Hong Kong has all the ingredients of a fabulous stopover! Fly with: British Airways, Qantas, Virgin.

Johannesburg: If you’re craving somewhere a little different, Johannesburg is a good choice. With less obvious tourist sights than most stopover destinations, it’s a good idea to spend at least two days to really discover the city’s charms. Fly with: British Airways, Qantas.

Tokyo: Crazy, futuristic and always lovable - stopovers are a great way to experience the one and only Tokyo. Fly with: British Airways, Nippon.

New York: The Big Apple never fails to disappoint. Even a couple of days will allow you to experience the culture, sights and sounds of New York. Fly with: British Airways, American Airways.

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