Still Standing… the Cardiff Castle

Lording proudly over vast parklands in the heart of Cardiff is Cardiff Castle, once a Roman fort, a Norman stronghold, and a Victorian mansion. This stone structure has endured through millennia, bearing witness to imprisonments, executions, kidnappings, sieges, and dirty politics. A fairytale setting in spring, a fierce fortress in summer, an eerie citadel in autumn, and a snow-tipped beauty in winter, Cardiff Castle displays the powerful allure, which had it listed as one of the best attractions to visit on a Wales holiday.

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Step inside and you’ll see the remains of ancient walls erected by the Romans, Gothic towers, stained glass portraits, marble furnishings, and intricate woodcraft. Each of the rooms within follows a theme; among these are the Winter and Summer Smoking Rooms, the Chaucer Room, and the Arab Room. The gardens follow a Mediterranean concept.

Gorge like you’ve just come from battle in one of the oldest parts of Cardiff Castle – the Undercroft; Welsh banquets are held in the evenings, providing food, drink, and entertainment. Come Christmas, workshops on creating cards and decorations are held in the castle; educational tours are also popular here, with topics such as Roman warriors, Medieval soldiers, and the life of Queen Victoria.

Today, Cardiff Castle is a venue for rock concerts and live performances, and can hold more than 10,000 people; the Stereophonics, Green Day, and Tom Jones are just some of the castle's famed guests. The biggest Mardi Gras celebrations are held annually here, too.

A café and a gift shop are available on site.

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