Stereotypes about Scottish people that are NOT true

Like any other country there are many stereotypes that are often made ranging from completely accurate to simply and completely untrue. Here are a few stereotypes about scottish people that are in the latter category.

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All the men wear kilts. All the time.

While in the past starting in the 16th century this may have been more common, nowadays people would wear this traditional clothing for special occasions such as weddings and graduations. When asked what they wear underneath the kilt, Scottish men joke by saying, “the future of Scotland”.

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Everyone eats and loves Haggis.

Haggis is the national dish making this an easy assumption to make. It is a mix of sheep’s stomach with oatmeal and seasoning boiled in a bag made from the animal's stomach. But it is not eaten everyday and not everyone likes it surprisingly.

Everyone has red hair.

It is true that there is a higher amount of people with red hair when compared to other countries, but this stereotype has become a bit out of control. In reality only roughly 10% of Scottish people actually have red hair, similar to that of people in Ireland.

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Everyone plays the bagpipes

This is similar to the kilt stereotype. Bagpipes are only pulled out for special occasions such as sporting events or weddings. And actually not every can nor wants to play them.

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