Stereotypes about Irish people that are NOT true

While sometimes stereotypes about people and their countries can be true, many of them are in fact not. Here is a list of stereotypes about Irish people that are surprisingly or unsurprisingly simply not true.

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It is a Catholic Society

In the 20th century this country in some ways could be defined by their religious orientation, Catholic. Nowadays though this isn't necessarily the case. With new nationalities and a more modern society people's view on religion and attendance in church has changed dramatically.

It is a Drinking country

Guinness and drinking are some of the first associations many people would have with Ireland. It is often depicted that way in clothing and in TV/Media. In many studies showing which countries consume the most alcohol, Ireland actually ranks much lower compared to Belarus, Lithuania, Russia, Romania and many more.

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Irish people have red hair with freckles

Take a look at Colin Farrell, Liam Neeson and Bono. All Irish but no red hair nor freckles. Only 10% of the population have some variation of red hair.

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Irish hate the English

It is really more like a love/hate relationship than just a hate relationship. With the long and violent history of England controlling Ireland there is still some animosity. But there are many Irish that will either move to England or work there full time or seasonally.

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