Breakaway with Stenaline ferries

Stenaline ferries is one of the largest and most successful ferry operators in the world today.  Stenaline operate in 3 different areas - Scandinavia, the Irish Sea and the North Sea.  With 35 ferries operating out of 18 European ports, sailing with Stenaline ferries offers a real alternative to flying and paying for taxis when you arrive.  Having your car with you offers independence to drive to tourist hotspots and not have to deal with tour groups and buses.

Stenaline regularly run special offers so you can save big on great holidays.  You can sail to Ireland from Holyhead, Fishguard and Stranraer from just £69 for a single car and a driver.  These great prices are available if you book online.  Stenaline have a superb feature on their website called Low Fare Finder and this produces a list of prices for each day during the month you wish to travel.  From this list you can see that these £69 fares are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with fares varying on other days of the week.

Stenaline have low fares to Holland too with prices starting as low as £59 for a one-way ticket including car and driver.  Ferries depart from Harwich International Port to the Hook of Holland and this is the most direct route to Holland from England by sea.  This crossing takes as little as 6 hours and 45 minutes.  Amsterdam is just a short drive from the Hook of Holland as are Rotterdam and The Hague so you will have the freedom to choose where you spend most of your time in the Netherlands.

Visit www.stenaline.co.uk to book yourself an amazing trip today.

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