Thinking of travelling with Stena Line?

If you don't want to fly to the continent then a good alternative to the stress of airports and flights is to take a ferry. With numerous departure and arrival ports, Stena Line are one of the best options for crossing the Channel or the North Sea. The Swedish firm have almost 50 years of experience in getting you to where you want to go. They are renowned for great service and inexpensive fares. This is a selection of their current ferry services to and from mainland U.K.

One of the most popular routes is to travel from Harwich in East Anglia to the Hook of Holland. With direct train services from London to Harwich, this is great for travellers leaving from the capital. The journey takes around 6 hours 45 minutes and passengers can travel twice daily, with one day and one night service. The ship used is the superferry Stena Brittanica, with a holding capacity of 1200 passengers. On board entertainment and catering includes a cinema, children's play area, free wifi, bars and restaurants. This route offers low prices of only £34 each way for foot passengers or £59 each way when you travel with a vehicle. These prices are based on trips taken in September.

Stena Line now also operates routes to Ireland from ports such as Liverpool and Stranraer. The Holyhead to Dublin route has single journeys starting at just £69 when you travel with a small car. The vessel used for this trip is either the Stena Nordica or the Stena Adventurer, depending on which day of the week you travel.

Other websites that can offer you cheap ferry trips to European ports include Brittany Ferries and DFDS. But if you need to journey from ports such as Harwich or Holyhead, then give Stena Line a try.

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