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After a long dreary winter a cruise can be the perfect holiday to help brighten up your life. Stelios cruises go to Turkey, Greece and the Greek islands. Stelios, the founder of low cost airline Easyjet, now offer cruises designed to suit people on every budget. Their ship is similar to a floating hotel and they offer a wide range of accommodation on board their ships.

You can choose from compact, standard or premium accommodation. They also have a range of suites available with panoramic views of the ocean. Each room has windows, tv, mini bar. Some of the more expensive rooms include an en-suite toilet and shower room. Their ship boasts no less than 5 restaurants and 3 stylish bars. For the kids, there is daily kids clubs and loads of on board entertainment to keep them happy for hours!

There is also a spa and wellness zone on board the ship to pamper you as you require! Their is a spa, gym, health and beauty salon, sauna and three hot tubs available for you. They also have qualified beauticians on board that offer a range of massages and other beauty treatments.

If you are a bit of a party animal there is a lively pool bar that features a range of DJ's and bands during the day. At night time there is even a nightclub on the ship for you to party the night away!

Stelios cruises start from just £199 for a 3 day cruise. For more information, simply log onto easycruise.com.



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