'Stay'cations more expensive than holidays abroad

Ever since the word 'staycation' (i.e., staying at home for a vacation) was invented, during the most troubling times of the Recession, Briton's have been encourage to holiday at home. Keen for a bit of predictable sunshine, pristine beaches and fantastic food & drink, holiday-makers have been bombarded with marketing ploys highlighting the attractiveness of many of the UK's holiday destinations, such as Brighton and Bournemouth. However, recent research has shown the families would actually be forking out more to stay at home than chase the sun abroad.

Tesco Bank conducted the findings, which compared holiday costs for a family of four in England (including eating out, accommodation, car hire etc.) with many popular European destinations, for the month of August. Highlighting one example, the researchers commented that holidaying to Brighton would cost, on average, £309 more than flying to Bodrum in Turkey. Brighton, with its reputation for chic shopping, an electric nightlife and location attractions such as the Royal Pavilion might not stand up against the lure of fresh foreign food and energetic night-life.

With the increase in expenses for the average British family of four on holiday, more people are starting to weigh up the additional costs of their holiday more carefully, taking into account not-so-essential luxuries such as car-hire. Considering the events of last Sunday, many families might be wanting to fly out a little earlier than August, which could also save some money.

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