Stay off the piss when on the piste

Through the distribution of posters, flyers and beermats! in resorts such as Val d'Isère, Meribel and Morzine, the Foreign Office hopes to warn more than a million Britons that binge drinking on a ski holiday can be a recipe for disaster.

Depends what you consider a disaster, right? Getting well oiled at the Apres Ski parties with some lovely fit ski bod, or finding your self lost in the snow without a coat or a clue where you are?

Basically, all they're telling you is to cop on a wee bit - make sure you've got holiday insurance - it's a ski holiday after all!

Don't go out in -15 degrees with a miniskirt on, and remember that at altitude heights of 2000m you will get drunk quicker. Follow these simple rules and you can go away to the mountain, have a blast and even make it back home in one piece.

You may even achieve the near impossible and improve your nation's reputation while abroad!

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