Stay in the saddle with a horse-riding holiday

Horses are like cars, really. Or perhaps it’s the other way around. Whatever, whether you’re talking four wheels or four legs you can find every take on holiday transport, from real clunkers and all-terrainers, through to luxury saloons, utility pick-ups and family runabouts. Oh, and whether it’s nags or jalopies you’re into, if you’ve got the money you can get ones that go stupidly fast.

Sure, in theory riding is as simple as keeping a horse between you and the ground, but some trips require real experience to handle finely tuned blood horses, while on other rides you might never get out of a trot, or even into one.

For beginners, The Camargue is France’s cowboy country. In May the festival of Saintes-Maries-de- la-Mer attracts Gypsies from all over Europe. But you’ll get the best of instruction from Jacque Bon at the traditional manor farm, Le Mas de Peint, ZarasPlanet.

For those with a few more miles in the saddle, then get straight down to Andalusia in Spain where they can make their Arab horses dance, moonwalk and everything else except make the tea.

In the unspoilt Sierra Aracena, Nick and Hermione Tudor lead either a week of day rides from their tranquil, self-sufficient finca or three-day round trips. Contact FincaelMoro

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