Stay in New York in style!

We’ve all heard how difficult it is to find decent accommodation in New York without spending a fortune, but if you’re prepared to search the web, there are some decent deals available. We’ve done the hard work for you and come up with the following, as recommended by the New York Times.

Aloft Harlem hotel (www.aloftharlemhotel.com) belongs to a swanky new hotel chain which opened in 2008 and draws young professionals by offering great service at reasonable prices. It’s a hotel that stands out amongst the more affordable options in New York.

It’s located on 125th street in a relatively quiet area that’s home to a number of stores, restaurants, theatres and Columbia University, and is well connected with bus and subway lines and there are regular buses to La Guardia airport.

The hotel offers comfortable rooms with king sized beds, flat screen TV’s and well designed bathrooms, but it’s the cocktail lounge, the pool hall in the lobby along with iMacs and free Wi-Fi for your use and the basement gym that makes this hotel an attractive option for the young and trendy.

Rooms cost around $150.

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