Stay cool in swim-up bars around the world.

If you thought the ‘Infinity Pool’ was the latest in hotel water-lounging-luxury, think again. Decadent swim-up bars are taking off in swanky beach resorts, allowing you to order that caipirinha without having to dry off first. Here are some of the best from a list of Bing Travel's '17 Fabulous Swim-Up Pool Bars' that are still open this autumn.

Top of the list for sheer numbers is the El Dorado Royale Hotel, Cancun, on Mexico’s Riviera Maya. With 10 swim-up bars on offer, guests can ‘crawl’ from one to the other, re-fuelling on the way. And there’s no need to hide a waterproof wallet in your bikini; all drinks and snacks are included in the price of the room.

Try a swim-up bar down under. Hamilton Island, an ultra-luxurious property in Australia’s Whitsunday Islands in the Barrier Reef, has a main luxury pool where the Island Swim-Up Bar is located. It serves the hotels and yacht club villas on the island.

The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman goes one step further, offering waiter service at your very own table for four actually in the sea. The hotel is on Seven Mile Beach, a pristine white stretch of sand and water which is the perfect place for a drink at any time of day.

And why should city dwellers miss out on all the fun? The Room Mate Grace Hotel, a little-known boutique hotel in New York City, has an indoor pool complete with swim-up bar in its lobby, where you can escape the city frenzy, dive into the pool and drop anchor at the bar.

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