How to Find Static Caravan Holidays With Dogs

A good source of finding static caravan holidays with dogs is to go to the website ukcaravansforhire.com. This website allows users to do a an advanced search. During the search process the user can specify that they are looking for caravans that allow dogs. There is a good selection of caravans all over the United Kingdom. However as holidaymakers will be searching for caravans that are dog friendly they will only have a few options in every area. Due to the limited choices available to them, holidaymakers with dogs should be prepared to pay more for their caravan holiday. The average price of the caravans on this site range from between £100 to £200 per night.

Another popular website to look for static caravans that are dog friendly is static-caravan.co.uk. This website is very similar to the one discussed above. The only difference is that it has a much wider range of caravans for rent. As at the 8th of July, 2011 there were 211 pet friendly caravans listed on the website. This will give holidaymakers a opportunity to search for lower priced caravans. However those who are looking for a large and comfortable van should expect to pay over £100 per night.

Once the caravan has been chosen holidaymakers will need to decide how they will get to their location. Those who are holidaying far away from home may want to book a flight. Cheap flights can be found by searching the flight comparison website skyscanner.net.

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