Great Static Caravan Holidays at Scarborough

If you are thinking on spending a quiet relaxing holiday and you don’t want to travel far away or spend too much money, going to Scarborough is a great option. There are plenty of holiday parks where you can rent a static caravan whether if you would like to spend some days by yourself or if you are planning a holiday with your family. In Scarborough you will have the chance to enjoy the countryside and the beach. Here are some recommendable static caravan holidays at Scarborough.

Lebberston Touring Park

Lebberston Touring Park is a five star and multi-award winner caravan park located in the Scarabought seaside. If you rent a caravan in this park you will be just a few steps away from the beach but you will also enjoy the country area. The park has various activities such as water sports, sport fields, a pub, among others. The base price for a two people caravan is £15 per night. This price may vary due to the availability and specific dates.

Cayton Bay Holiday Park

Cayton Bay Holiday Park is the perfect choice for spending a family vacations by the sea. This park features special attractions for children such as the Water World in their indoor pools and a playground. You will be able to use, as well, the laundry facilities and the Wi-Fi access, shops and restaurant the park offers. There are various 2 and 3 bedroom caravans with beautiful views of Cayton Bay. You can rent a static caravan for a weekly pay of £301, seasonal price, also the price will depend on the size of the caravan and availability.

Scalby Close Park

Scalby Close Park combines both, the countryside and the beach pools experience. It is located in the outskirts of Scarborough. The great thing about this park is that it is small so you won’t see much people or movement. Scalby Close Park is ten minutes away from local stores and restaurants. Prices for a static caravan in high season (April-August) are set on £24 pounds per night.

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