Book Online for a Luxurious St. Pancras Hotel Accomodation

St Pancras hotel

St. Pancras railway station is described as “the world’s most wonderful railway station” by English travel writer Simon Calder. The building, which is known for its classic Victorian architecture, is located in St. Pancras, London Borough of Camden. Luckily, there are lots of hotels near the station if ever you are planning on visiting the area.

It is always a good idea to book hotel reservations online because of the incredibly huge discounts and special promos. Go to www.booking.com and use the search engine to specify the area you would like to stay in. The site then displays various hotels one can choose from. Only 0.7 miles from the railway station is the magnificent Hotel Russell, which has a great Victorian facade to it. It is only walking distance to main railway stations. You can avail of the 65% discount when booking with www.booking.com. A double room that normally costs £498 a night is available for just £178.80! Book now and enjoy luxurious St. Pancras hotel accommodation.

One of the most elegant hotels in Camden is the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel. It has immediate access to the railway station and six tube lines. Staying in a Victorian Building like this is a bit pricey, of course but it is definitely worth the experience. A Barlow king or twin room cost £342 a night, prices inclusive of 20% VAT. Here, you can enjoy a regional British dish with Chef Marcus Wakeing at the famous Gilbert Scott bar. Book yourself a St. Pancras hotel experience now! It’s not wrong to treat one’s self once in a while, right?

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