Fly to Sri Lanka with the best deals of 2012!

Heading to Sri Lanka in 2012?  We have found you Sri Lanka's best deals for 2012 to help you save on the airfare.  A wonderous and exotic destination, Sri Lanka will get you out of your comfort zone and offer you experiences so unique that you might not be ready to come home.

Sri Lanka is a pear-shaped island in the Indian ocean that has breathtakingly beautiful scenery and beaches for you to soak up all the sun you need.  When you are done with the beach you can explore the rest of the island and what better place to begin than by admiring the ancient ruins at Anuradhapura.  It is here, as legend goes, that the Buddha finally gained enlightenment.  The local people and their customs will also keep you entertained as they go out of their way to make you feel at home.

The weather is something that you need to pay attention to when deciding when to visit as the climate varies a lot in Sri Lanka.  Summers can be really hot while winters always remain pleasantly warm.  Monsoon season takes place between October and January so it is best to avoid these months.

On skyscanner.com you can book flights from London to Columbo starting for £540 return during March.  This makes the ideal time to visit as it is well after monsoon and just before the real hot of the summer months kicks in.

For an even better deal in February 2012 then visit fly.com/uk as they are offering flighs with Kuwait Air round-trip to Columbo from London for only £479.  With these prices you are getting Sri Lanka's best deals in 2012.  Enjoy your time in the Indian ocean!

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