Splish Splash down the Grand Canyon

And it’s all quite simple really, there are just 2 rules:

Number 1: Don’t fall out of the boat.

  • Number 2: Don’t fall out of the boat!

    But what if we fall out? you may ask – again, a simple answer; don’t!

    Aside from that, it’s a 13-day, 225-mile trip down the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon with Arizona Raft Adventures, ArizonaRaftAdventures.

    This is the most dramatic portion of the 1,450-mile-long river, which starts high in the Rocky mountains and empties into the Gulf of California in Mexico.

    You can't be shy on a Grand Canyon river trip. Not when you're spending two weeks with two dozen strangers, floating down one of the biggest rivers in North America. It's the ultimate 24/7 experience: you're on the water for five to eight hours every day, and when you're off the water, you're eating, sleeping, and bathing together.

    Giant coolers of food, folding tables, cans of propane, pots and pans and medical supplies, a tidy toilet system, plus enough beer and soft drinks to keep everyone happy are all strapped on board, with you perched on the side tubes – prime seats, after all, with padding and great views.

    At the end of each day, few people pitch tents; most just lay a mat on the beach and slept under a sheet. At dawn, the mournful call of a conch shell signals that coffee is ready.

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