Spend a Magical Holiday in Venice

Unleash the romantic in you as you discover the magic of Venice. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Venice will make you believe in fairy tales as you fall in love with its palaces, bridges and canals, such as the Grand Canal and Palazzo Grassi.

Forget about riding in a car; take a scenic tour along Venice's canals and explore historic bridges such as Rialto Bridge and Bridge of Sighs. Marvel at the Venetian classical architecture of Palazzo Grassi, the Gothic beauty of Doge’s Palace, and the dazzle of Ca' d'Oro (in full, Palazzo Santa Sofia).

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Are you in for the festivals? See the Carnival or Carnevale and delight in numerous pageants, concerts, and balls for eight days before Lent. Bask in Venetian art through the La Biennale di Venezia, a biennial modern art exposition of famous painters, sculptors, and performance artists around the world. If you’re more into movies, join the Venice International Film Festival in Lido Resort Island and watch commercial movies and short films. Lido Beach can also serve as your haven if you get tired of the busy city.

Of course, what would a Venice holiday be without shopping? Visit the Rialto Market and find all sorts of products—from gifts and crafts to fruits and vegetables. If it’s fish you want, go to Burano fish market for the best of Venice fish produce.

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