Taking Speed Ferries to Calais

Speed ferries to Calais

Speed ferries to Calais are easy to find. In this article, we will look at great ways to book a ferry to Calais. That way you get the technical stuff out of the way and start packing.

Finding the Right Websites

There are many websites online that will help you to find the cheapest or most reasonable ferry crossing to Calais. Some of them are as follows:

  • Aferry.com
  • Ferryonline.co.uk
  • Ferrysavers.co.uk

Finding the Right Price

Aferry.com is a good start. This site not only lets you check for prices, but compare prices. The right side of the page gives you the different ferries available and your starting point so that you can compare. It is as simple as that. PO Ferries will cost you £13 and LD Lines will cost £30 for one person. With this variation in price, you may not be quite ready to book a ferry to Calais. Remember that the time of day you travel makes a big difference in cost.

Ferryonline.co.uk is not quite as automatic. However, it graphs out everything for you so you can see the timetables and destinations for yourself. This does give you a little more of a sense of control. It also gives you a list of the latest offers. On this site, our trip from Dover to Calais, and back would cost £80 with PO Ferries, and £85.00 with SeaFrance.

Ferrysavers.co.uk already has the destination inputted from the web search. This site gives more rates to compare, as well. On DFDS Seaways you would be paying £44 for both departure and return. SeaFrance shows £50. PO Ferries will be £60.00 and LD Lines is £110.

Finding Your Way out of Town

Which search engine is easiest for you to use is up to you. Ferrysavers.co.uk did give the widest range of prices, although Aferry.com had the best deals. Ferryonline.co.uk, however, gave the best mapped out ferry crossings to Calais and will give you the best understanding. This could be a helpful tool to start with before booking your trip. Now that you know how and where to book a ferry, go ahead and make your booking on speed ferries to Calais and enjoy your trip to France.

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