Special weekend breaks in Scotland

Why special weekend breaks in Scotland recommended?

There are many possibilities for special weekend breaks in Scotland. Due to the country's compact size, you never need to spend too long travelling. Main roads traverse the towering mountain ranges in the Highlands. Ferries will take you over to Scotland’s proliferation of scenic offshore islands. The major cities on the east coast, central lowlands and borders are all well served by motorways and railways.

Scotlandoffers an abundance of indoor and outdoor activities, with something to suit every taste. There is spectacular scenery, interesting native wildlife, castles and other historic landmarks galore, and cities brimming with galleries, theatres and music venues.

What are the best deals for Scottish special weekend breaks?

There are many special breaks on offer. A typical example of what's on offer is the Fairmont St Andrews Hotel (www.superbreak.com/hotels/fairmont_st_andrews_scotland-hotel-7585.htm). This resort ticks every box in the wish list for a weekend break. Located in the world’s golfing capital, you’ll have access to an indoor pool, jacuzzi, steam room and gym. Prices start at £112.50 per person, with many deals (including free nights) available by checking online.

In conjunction with Discount Britain, a 20% discount is offered for up to 6 people at over 100 top restaurants attractions.

Where can I book special romantic weekend breaks in Scotland?

Check out romantic hotels (www.romantichotels.co.uk), which contains information about scores of hotels for honeymoons or just romantic getaways. If you’re looking for some serious pampering, you could always consider Scottish spa breaks.

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