Are you looking for Spanish holidays for over 55 year olds?

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Spain is a popular destination for holiday makers young and old. The Mediterranean climate, laid back approach and friendly atmosphere are attractive to everyone, and many people who have retired decide to take longer breaks in Spain, usually outside of the typical holiday seasons. Spanish holidays for over 55 year olds are always popular so we decided to investigate further. Often with the freedom to travel at any time of year and stay for longer than the typical two week break, the over 55s can be found in the bars and restaurants of sunny Spain. Some parts of Spain in particular attract the older holiday maker, for example a sunshine holiday on Marbella Beach, or a weekend break in Barcelona.

Many travel companies offer special rates on  Spanish holidays for over 55 years olds, but if you are after something more specifically tailored to the mature traveller, why not visit the website travel55.co.uk. We love the look of the mini-cruise to Spain from Portsmouth to the Spanish port of Santander. The cruise includes two nights aboard the swish Pont Aven cruiseferry which boasts a swimming pool, leisure area, promenade deck, cabaret, pianist, three bars, two restaurants, a cafe, two cinemas and live bands; in fact, everything you could need to eat, drink and make merry as befits a holiday. On arrival in Spain, there will be plenty of time to explore the fantastic city of Santander. This city has great beaches,beautiful promenades and scenic parks as well as traditional Spanish restaurants and tapas bars.

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