Spain’s Vizcaya coast. More than just Bilbao.

Spain’s Vizcaya coast lies on the Bay of Biscay, and like the rest of Iberia’s northern coast is rugged with dramatic cliff drops and small bays with unspoilt beaches. Spectacular, if a little hostile in winter, now is the perfect time to book your flight for summer, when the sun shines on the cobalt blue water and you can relax on the beach or go cliff top walking.

Surfers will not be disappointed if they head for Barinatxe beach, near Bilbao, also known as ‘La Salvaje’ (The Wild One) because of the bracing wind and large waves that make it ideal for the sport. The cliffs behind the beach not only provide an awesome backdrop, they are also popular with climbers and paragliding pilots. If you venture further afield, Mundaka is said to be a surfer’s paradise and is part an area on the UNESCO list of Biosphere Reserves.

Heading further east you will come to Bermeo, previously the region’s capital before Bilbao and still an important fishing port, where you can still see some local fisherman use traditional methods of fishing to catch tuna, not to mention eat some great fish and seafood! A visit to Gernika, the bombed village embodied in Picasso’s famous painting, is also a must.

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