Head to Northern Spain for some of the best budget beach hotels

Forget Marbella, Malaga or the Costa Brava, in Spain some of the best budget beach hotels are to be found on the northern coast on the shores of the Atlantic or Bay of Biscay. Escape the maddening crowds and enjoy a budget break on some of the country's most beautiful and tranquil beaches.

Head north, where the euro goes further.

  • Galicia, in the northwest of Spain, has some of the best budget beach hotels along a coastline that is full of romantic coves, pristine, remote beaches and glorious island escapes. Typical of the smaller beach hotels is the Nuevo Lanzada near the quiet family resort of Sanxenxo, perfectly-located for a quick run into the bracing sea after breakfast.
  • Asturias is a wild and colourful region with the imposing backdrop of the Picos De Europa mountain range. Its high cliffs and long sandy beaches give the coastline a Cornish feel, as does the local habit of drinking rough cider in the beach bars. The traditional Mirador De Moriyon is right on the beach in the sheltered coastal resort of Villaviciosa, convenient for the popular Lastres beach.
  • The Basque Country has its own share of beautiful beaches, as well as the iconic city of Bilbao. The Hotel Mundaka is located on the Urdaibai Estuary, which is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the province of Vizcaya. It also happens to be perfectly-placed for the world-famous surfing beach at Mundaka. Huge swells from the Bay of Biscay crash over a sandbar to create hollow waves. Surfers from all over the world check in to ride the breakers.

Seasonal deals

In Spain the best rates for budget beach hotels are obtained out of season, but be aware that Spanish high season doesn't really get started until mid to late July. If you can escape in June or early July, it is still possible to get some great deals on hotel rooms.

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