Spa Hotels in Bali

Bali’s blue kingfishers, barking deer, and whale sharks are among its star attractions. Art, dance, and water activities also contribute to this Indonesian island’s appeal. The countless spas are inviting, too, so on your Bali holiday, stay in a hotel where you’ll get the pampering you deserve.

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Experience “Lapis-Lapis” or the Malay Herbal Wrap at The Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali. A mixture of exotic herbs including galangal, ginger, camphor, and lemon grass, this is used to soothe muscle pain and minimise water retention. The Mekramas hair treatment uses coconut oil to moisturise, strengthen, and soften tresses, while the Campur-Campur massage is a Thai-and-Malay-influenced experience of touch and aromatherapy. Relaxation doesn’t end at the spa centre. The rooms at The Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali are just as restful. Choose a suite where the sound of the ocean waves will lull you to sleep and where you can look out into the bougainvillea gardens.

The spa at the Oberoi Bali hotel offers Mandi Lulur, a treatment based on the ceremony women go through before their wedding day. This ritual consists of "herbal peeling, a yoghurt splash, and a tropical floral bath," among other things. The Mineral Mud Treatment cleanses and rejuvenates the skin, while the Ing-Ham Method relieves stress by kneading pressure points on the feet. Located in Legian Beach, the Oberoi Bali hotel is a good choice for a quiet, private, and romantic getaway.

Healing Stone massages, Steamed Rice facials, and body treatments using exotic tropical fruits are the offerings at The Balé hotel. Promising “hospitality from the heart,” this Bali hotel is a minimalist, white-walled structure in the Nusa Dua area, facing the Indian Ocean.

These three Bali hotels are members of The Small Luxury Hotels of The World.

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