Recharge your batteries with these spa breaks in essex

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Fancy a break to recharge your batteries? If this is the case check out these spa breaks in Essex which we believe will captivate you.

Making time for yourself is very important, so drift off as you enjoy a body massage and relax your mind which will result in you being tranquil and serene. A spa break in Essex is a great way to recharge your batteries and leave your worries behind you.

A great place you should check out is the Five Lakes Spa Hotel Resort in Essex. The hotel is situated in the awesome Essex countryside and offers 4 star luxury. The treatments they offer range from body massages, facial treatments, body wraps, holistic treatments and also they offer great treatments for mums-to-be. Prices start at £47.50 for a day spa and for a one night spa stay prices start at £265. You can view more details about the hotel on www.spabreak.co.uk and if you would like to book call 01883 724 843 where an advisor will be more than happy to help.

Another great place you should check out is Life House, a new contemporary Health Spa in Essex offering a unique service which is sure to fully recharge your batteries. They offer exclusive spa treatments including skincare treatments, anti-ageing treatments and special restorative treatments. Prices are similar to the Five Lakes and can be viewed on line at www.lifehouse.co.uk or you can call directly on 01255 860050 and talk to a member of staff.

So waste no more time and get your batteries recharged with a spa break in Essex.


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