Stunning Spa Breaks in Berkshire

Booking Spa breaks in Berkshire is a tiresome task if you don't know what websites you should be checking out. Berkshire is one of the United Kingdom's most beautiful locations and also home to some of Britains best Spa Locations.

As with many City breaks you cannot go far wrong with tripadvisor.co.uk. The veteran travel site has great user generated reviews on Berkshire and profiles on all of the area's best Spa locations. If you are looking for the best Spa locations in Berkshire its a must visit site.

Without a doubt one of the best Spa locations in Berkshire is Donnington Valley Hotel and Spa. Boasting an 18m swimming pool, steam room, sauna, aromatherapy room and monsoon shower, a generous poolside lounge and relaxation area, including a sun terrace; a large, air-conditioned gym with state of the art equipment and studio.

No matter what type of relaxation you are looking for you can find it in Donnington Valley. Prices start at about 135 pounds per person for more infomation and booking details you can visit their website at donningtonvalley.co.uk.

The awarding Nirvana Spa resort in Wockigham is one of the greatest Spas in the country if not Europe with a huge array of treatments and 6 natural spring water pools for you to drift away in you will be blown away by the level of service offered in this luxurious resort. Day treatments start at about 150GBP and you can book your stay over at nirvanaspa.co.uk.

Whatever type of Spa treatment you are looking for Berkshire has you well and truly covered.


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