Are you looking for Southampton to Jersey ferry?

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Are you looking for Southampton to Jersey ferry? Here's all the information you need.

Taking the ferry to France is an extremely popular option as you avoid all the usual hassle of airports and air travel. Unfortunately, however, there is no ferry operator servicing any ferry crossings between Southampton and Jersey in their 2011 timetables. In fact for the remainder of 2011 Condor Ferries are the only ferry operator offering crossings between the mainland United Kingdom and Jersey.

Condor Ferries sail between three points in the United Kingdom and Jersey. These are Portsmouth, Weymouth and Poole. Travel between each of these locations and Southampton is extremely accessible with public transport. The distances involved are:

Southampton to Portsmouth: 16 miles

Southampton to Weymouth:  49 miles

Southampton to Poole:          26 miles

Condor ferries offer almost 20 crossings daily between the United Kingdom and Jersey with 2 departures from Portsmouth, 9 crossings from Weymouth and 7 departures from Poole. Prices are generally reasonable and the ferry allows you to travel Jersey for a short break with the freedom of your own car. Until the end of October 2011, Condor Ferries are offering a special offer of £99.00 from the United Kingdom to Jersey for a car and two passengers each way. For more details check out condorferries.co.uk.

If none of these options suit you, you may wish to travel from Southampton to an alternative location in France and drive to Jersey. Check out ferriesfrance.org.uk for all the cheapest possible ferries to France.

So there’s everything you need to know about a Southampton to Jersey ferry.

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