Southampton to Spain Ferry Alternatives

If you are looking to travel from Southampton to Spain by ferry, you may be disappointed to know Southampton is no longer the base for any cross-channel ferries, with the exception of car ferries services to the Isle of Wight. Here you will find how to go to Spain if you don’t want to fly. First, you have to go from Southampton to Portsmouth by land and then, you have 2 options: go to Bilbao or go to Santander (Spain) by sea.

From Southampton to Portsmouth

Portsmouth is located 64 miles south east from Southampton. You can get there by train or car. If you want to go by train, the main line railway station in Southampton is Southampton Central Station. The operator that provides the service to Portsmouth is First Great Western (you can buy tickets online at firstgreatwestern.co.uk). The price of the ticket is £8.70 and the duration of the journey is between 51 minutes to 1 hour and 4 minutes, depending on the station you want to arrive at, Portsmouth Harbour (PMH) or Portsmouth Southsea (PMS). Portsmouth Harbour is the closest port with ferry services to Spain. This port is the second busiest ferry port in the UK after Dover, serving around three million passengers a year.

Option 1: From Portsmouth to Bilbao, Spain

The ferry operator from Portsmouth to Bilbao is Brittany Ferries, at brittanyferries.com, which can carry cars and passengers and depart twice a week. Also, Brittany Ferries is a tour operator as well, supplying an extensive range of self-drive holidays throughout France, Spain and Portugal. The average price of the journey per person is £185 and lasts 31 hours and 45 minutes. In this route, it is compulsory to reserve on-board accommodation (pre-reserved seat). The type of accommodation you select may also have an important effect on the price of your journey. For example, if only one passenger is traveling and selects a 4 berth cabin, then the passenger will have sole occupancy in this cabin; or, if you select a 2 berth cabin and there are 4 passengers travelling, then you will be allocated in a 2x2 berth cabin.

Option 2: From Portsmouth to Santander, Spain

The ferry operator from Portsmouth to Santander also is Brittany Ferries. The duration of the journey is 24 hours and the average price is £165 per person with an accommodation of 1 x 2 inside berth cabin with unsuited facilities. You may book a maximum of 1 cabin or seat for each person travelling.

So, there is a guide to give you a good idea about Southampton to Spain by ferry.

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