What to know when travelling from Southampton on ferries to France

Southampton ferries to France

Sat just a short trip across the Channel, France is a wonderful destination for those living on the South coast of England. Whether visiting for a weekend break, summer holiday with the family or shopping day trip, there is definitely something for everyone. As a rule there are no Southampton ferries travelling to France, however, only 15-miles along the Solent at Portsmouth you will find a host of daily departures.

Operating out of Portsmouth ferry port are the reputable Brittany Ferries, with services running across to Caen, Cherbourg and St Malo. These crossings offer a great, and convenient, alternative to departing from Southampton on ferries to France.

Ferry to Caen

The crossing to the bustling port of Caen is the most popular route operated by Brittany Ferries. The service runs up to four times a day, with travellers having the option to choose from the fast cat (3-hours and 45-minutes) crossing or the 6-hour cruise. Return journeys to Caen are available from just £75 per person.

Ferry to Cherbourg

The Cherbourg ferry is the fastest route between Portsmouth and France, arriving at its destination in only 3-hours. This ferry departs twice a day at convenient times in the morning and afternoon. Day trip and short break passenger tickets start from only £23 per person. If you are travelling on from Cherbourg then car ferry prices go from £85 per person.

Ferry to St Malo

Travelling to St Malo with Brittany Ferries is ideal for those with a little more time on their hands. Departing from Portsmouth at 8pm, the ferry cruises overnight, arriving at its destination for breakfast. Tickets for this service are currently available from £119 per person.

Visit www.brittany-ferries.co.uk for complete timetables and price guides.

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