Southampton Airport: the UK’s number one gateway to France.

Southampton has just overtaken London City as the UK’s top airport, winning the annual Wanderlust ‘Top UK Airport Award’, with a high satisfaction rate of 84%. Fly from Southampton to 48 destinations across Europe on one of over 900 weekly flights.

14 of these destinations are to France, making it the UK’s number one gateway to our cross Channel neighbour. From Avignon to Bordeaux and Paris, there are routes across the country, and this year has seen the addition of Pau and Béziers in the south and Clermond-Ferrand in central France to French destinations. Check out www.flybe.com or call 0871 700 2000 for booking and more details.

Two million passengers pass through the airport each year, taking advantage of Flybe’s self-service check in kiosks with fast bag drop area and the fact that 97% of travellers queue for only five minutes or under to get through security! It makes for a stress free start to your holiday.

Remember too that Southampton has one of the closest plane-to-train links in Europe. Its Airport Parkway Train Station is just 60 seconds from the terminal building and 180 trains stop there each day. You can get to the airport from London Waterloo in just over one hour, leaving your car in the garage. If you do prefer to take the car, you can save pounds by booking in advance at www.southamptonairport.com.

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