South Korea Flights from the UK

When planning a trip to East Asia many people automatically think of either Japan or China. South Korea is an upcoming tourism destination in East Asia that can more than keep you entertained, it will charm you into falling in love with the place. The Land of the Morning Calm is calling you and we are here to help you find South Korea flights from the UK as easily as possible.

Fantastic Value from the UK

South Korea has so much to offer from the friendly locals to picturesque mountains that jut into the sky even in the middle of cities. Korean cuisine is something to treasure too so be prepared to have your taste buds tickled. Korea has long been known for being a dynamic nation and the transport system linking major cities as well as the subway systems in Seoul, Incheon and Busan will offer you to chance to explore a destination in detail like nowhere else.

South Korea flights from the UK are easy to come by and represent better value when compared with long haul flights to places like the United States and South America. Visit Skyscanner today and use their year round comparison search tool to bring up all available flights ranging from the lowest priced to the highest.

Currently, you can fly from either London Gatwick or Manchester to Incheon International Airport from a jaw dropping £415 round trip with Turkish Airlines. Alternatively, flying from London Heatrow offers a choice between Asiana Airlines and Turkish Airlines for just a little bit more at £430 return. Incheon Airport is the premier stopping point too as it is less than an hour to Seoul city centre as well as being really close to Incheon city.

Well Connected

With these South Korea flights from the UK, once you touch down, you will have no problem getting to whatever corner of the country you need to be in thanks to the world class Korean transport system. For example, if Busan on the south coast is where you hope to be then it is only 2 and 1/2 hours from Seoul by high speed train to Busan city centre.

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