Somewhere to lay down your weary, culture-filled head in Galway

Yes, it’s going to rain. Yes it faces about 3000 miles of Atlantic Ocean. Yes, it will be cold and windy. No, summer as you know it doesn't exist in Ireland, although the sun has been known to shine now and again in Galway.

But what you will be guaranteed once the festival season kicks off is more art, culture, music, poetry, comedy and horse racing than you could possibly bear in one summer.

From Shakespeare to David O'Doherty, and from Absolut Art to a Flea Circus, the Galway Arts Festival kicks off this year on the 12th of July. GalwayArtsFestival.

And to warm your culture brains up there is the Galway film Fleadh – that’s Irish for cranking big party – the week before – running from 6-11 July, GalwayFilmFleadh.

And if you’ve any money left, you can flutter it away on the GiGi’s at the Galway Races, or you could blow it on a sweet hotel like the extravagant and unmissable GHotel, TheG, Galway’s 500 star hotel – that, no surprise in these trying times, has some cracking mid-week deals. Which would probably pay for itself if you rob enough swanky soaps, slippers and dressing gowns.

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