Somewhere special in Cornwall.

Just 40 minutes from Falmouth by car, the Lizzard is a rather special place. Surrounded by the sea, and cut off from the rest of Cornwall by the Helford River, the Lizzard peninsula once belonged to a separate landmass, so you’ll find flora and fauna here that’s different from the rest of Britain, reports BBC Travel. In summer it’s one of the best places in Cornwall to spot basking sharks and is also home to the red-billed Cornish chough, a member of the crow family, which features on the county’s coat of arms.

Once the land of smugglers, it’s now an idyllic get-away-from-it-all destination for hearty hikers. Visit the haunting lighthouse at Lizard Point and take the coast path above Kynance Cove, for one of the Lizard’s most stunning views. Stop for tea and crab sandwiches here at the beachside Kynance Café where you can refuel from just £3.60 with views of Asparagus Island and Gull Rock

Alternatively, try a typical cosy Cornish kiddlywink, or pub, at the Halzephron Inn, which dates back 500-years. This cliff-perched pub, just outside the village of Gunwalloe, serving crab salad, lamb tagine and beef fillet washed down with a local ale, makes a great place to stop for lunch. Mains start at just £9. For a typical picturesque fishing village, walk to the hamlet of Cadgwith.

For further details, go to www.visitlizardcornwall.co.uk

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