Solo Travelling: Where to travel alone

Put yourself out there and experience more of the world by travelling alone. It is a great way to get to know yourself better while learning all about the big issues in the world. Hiking and trekking trips make for great introspection opportunities so here are a few viable options for where to travel alone.

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Kyoto - Japan

Kyoto was once the imperial capital of the Kingdom of Japan and has so much to offer solo travellers. There are some pristine hiking trails located really close to the city so you can get your exercise in before sundown. With a population of 1.5 million, Kyoto is somehow both low-key and vibrant at the same time. There is literally a monumental amount of culture on offer from ancient castles and temples to girls dressed in full Geisha and Maiko make-up and attire. A walk through the local food markets is a must too especially the famous Kyoto's Kitchen where the cities top chefs go shopping for top class produce.

Camino de Santiago - Spain

Solo travellers love to meet other solo travellers and you can very quickly fall into a band of merry travellers when you walk on the Camino de Santiago for a few days. All types of people walk the way for a whole host of reasons and you are almost guaranteed to meet like-minded and opposite-minded people in every little pueblo you stop to rest in. It is also a great place to get to know yourself extremely well in an organic manner, hours and hours of walking will take care of that for you!

Kerry -Ireland

Ireland is known as a traveller friendly destination and County Kerry has some of the top scenery in the whole of Europe. The locals are also friendly so if you ever find yourself in trouble on a hike or just dying for a chat while taking a rest in a local pub, you are sure to make friends almost instantly. The treks available to you while in Kerry will see you traverse mountains, beaches and farmland all in the space of a few unforgettable hours.

Landmannalaugar - Iceland

Landmannalaugar, which translates as the People's Pools, is a gorgeous spot near Hekla volcano in the Iceland highlands. Each year between June and September, a large number of hikers assemble in the region ready to explore the stunning landscape. Solo hikers will be in good company and groups will welcome you with open arms at guesthouses.

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