Searching for solo Japan holiday deals?

One of the richest cultures on the planet, Japan has fascinated visitors for centuries. And with low crime rates, and great hospitality, Japan is perfect for lone visitors. Here's some tips on travelling by yourself in the country as well as securing the best solo Japan holiday deals.

Japan is a very accommodating country for solo travellers, and it is easy to interact and meet new people when travelling. Try dining at small Ramen noodle restaurants, drinking at traditional Izakayas, or engaging with locals at the plentiful Karaoke bars in the country.

Great deals when travelling solo in Japan can be had at the Addicted to Travel website. Their Backroads of Japan trip lasts 15 days and visits Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Kyoto and the countryside surrounding Dorogawa. This is a great way to travel with like-minded companions as well as see the best that Japan's cities and rural areas have to offer. This holiday including flights can be had for as little as £2360.

Alternatively, the Just You website specialises in solo travel. They can fix you up with solo tours around Japan for just £2435, which buys you visits to Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nara. Rides on board the Bullet Train Shinkansen are also included as part of this solo Japan holiday deal.

A further way to travel solo in Japan is to volunteer at a WWOOF farm. This lets you stay for free at properties throughout Japan in return for just a few hours of labour per day. This is a great way to meet new people and immerse yourself in native Japanese culture. Farm 2425 in Hokkaido is currently accepting guests for the one-off fee of £41.

There are a diverse array of Solo Japan holiday deals out there, so don't let travelling by yourself put you off from visiting this exotic and wonderful land.

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