Castell del la Solana hotel Benidorm

The Castell del la Solana hotel Benidorm is a beautiful hotel that is hidden away in the more rural areas of Benidorm. It is a favourite among tourists thanks to the affordability and high level of quality people have grown to expect from Castell del la Solana.

This is a gorgeous hotel that delivers on all the facilities and services you would expect from any larger hotel chain but manages to fell like a cosy country hotel. It is the perfect way to take a break from the city and enjoy a relaxing few days at the Castell de la Solana.

This hotel has a set price list so you can get the pricing at any time and it won't change. For the standard double room it is €89, €80 for the double room with single occupancy and finally €115 for the luxury suite. The only variation is in high season where each room is €30 more expensive. These are some stunning prices considering what's on offer.

This hotel has a swimming pool, an amazing restaurant, a bar and a beautiful garden area. All of these are open to the guests so you can expect to enjoy your stay with so much to do. All of the bedrooms have there own television sets, bathrooms, large beds and mini bars. There really isn't much more you could ask for such a great price.

Be sure to check out the Solana hotel in Benidrom and see if it is the hotel for you. With a fantastic restaurant and so many other great facilities on offer it's a hard one to beat.

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