Solana Benidorm also known as Hotel Sol Pelicanos Ocas

Hotel Sol Pelicanos Ocas

Do you want to stay in a hotel which was the location for the ITV1 comedy drama Benidorm starring Johnny Vegas? The hotel in the show Benidorm was given a fictional name The Solana Benidorm which is actually known as Hotel Sol Pelicanos Ocas. The hotel has become extremely popular since the airing of Benidorm in 2007 and is a great place for you to go on holiday!


The Solana Benidorm is in the heart of New Benidorm and is surrounding by a variety of local shops, bars and restaurants, and is situated only 300 metres from the beach - a perfect location for sea lovers. The city centre is just two kilometres away, where guests can find an even wider range of shopping and entertainment venues to suit all tastes, ages and budgets - The hotel Sol Pelicanos Ocas provides a perfect setting for you to have a great family holiday.


The hotel Sol Pelicanos Ocas have a range of facilities to ensure everyone is catered for. Some of these facilities include a swimming pool and children’s pool, poolside bar so you enjoy a leisurely refreshment, a buffet style restaurant, children’s play area and a fun club. If that isn’t enough guests will also find a variety of local golf courses, a water-park and many other tourist attractions very nearby.


Each hotel room is extremely comfortable and comes very well equipped with all the amenities you could want, including a balcony overlooking the sea or pool, air conditioning, satellite TV, in-room safe and a private bathroom.

This hotel provides a perfect basis for you to enjoy a relaxing holiday with all the amenities you could wish for! You can book your holiday to the Hotel Sol Pelicanos Ocas through a range of travel providers at really good value for money.So book your accommodation now and in only a few hours you could be enjoying a great holiday in a dream location.

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