Highlights of Snowdonia holidays: Beddgelert

Snowdonia is an amazing place, full of beautiful little villages, great walks, lovely scenery, rivers and lakes. It is the perfect place to go to for a relaxing break and to get away from the hustle and bustle the city. And there are plenty of options for family holidays and romantic breaks alike. Here are a few highlights on Snowdonia holidays...

One of our favourite places in Snowdonia is a town called Beddgelert. There are a few great walks near by, beautiful lakes within close driving distance and the town itself is very pretty - and has a homemade fudge shop and an ice cream shop. What more could you ask for!?

The story of Gelert is everywhere here. Take a walk along the river in the town and you will come across a tree with a gravestone underneath. It is the resting place of a dog called Gelert. Legend says the Prince of North Wales went hunting without Gelert, who normally always accompanied him. When the prince returned, a blood soaked Gelert went to greet him. The prince was horrified and went to check on his baby son only to find the cot empty with blood on the sheets and floor. Thinking his faithful hound had killed his son, the prince killed Gelert. But the dog's dying howl was answered by a child's cry. The prince found the baby unharmed with the body of a huge wolf nearby. Knowing now that Gelert had killed the wolf and saved his son, the prince buried the dog close to his home (at the spot you can still visit). He is said never to have smiled again.

The town has another (less tragic) claim to fame: Alfred Bestall, the illustrator of Rupert the Bear, lived here. If you go on Snowdonia holidays to Beddgelert, look out for the whitewashed cottage with the blue plaque.

The town attracts nature lovers who enjoy the many local walks and hikes. Only a few miles north lies Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales. While in Beddgelert you can visit the colourful copper mines and follow the long winding tunnels to discover some stunning natural formations. If you are planning Snowdonia holidays, make sure you look out for Beddgelert.

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