Snowboarding Holidays in Scotland: Which resort is right for you?

Snowboarding holidays in Scotland are quickly becoming the number one holiday choice for UK and Irish outdoor sports enthusaists, who are discovering that there's a great range of resorts right on thier doorstep. When it comes to snowboarding holidays in Scotland you've got choice of five different resorts: Cairnforms national park, Nevis Range, Glenshee, Lecht and Glencoe. Between the five of them, Scotland's got it all, from pressure-free learning runs to advanced complex black level runs to half-piping and snowtubing in snowboard fun parks. Which resort is for you depends on what exactly you're looking for!

If you think big is beautiful, then Glenshee ski park (www.ski-glenshee.co.uk) is for you! Located in the east of Scotland, Glenshee is easily Scotland largest resort, offering over 40 kilometres of pisted surface over 36 runs spread across 3 whole valleys! With snowmaking machines on site to ensure that Scotland's unpredictible weather doesn't ruin the day and fantastic apres-ski nightlift, Glenshee offers an unforgettable package for your snowboarding holidays in Scotland! Prices start from £27 per day.

If, on the other hand, speed is all that matters to you then you might want to check out Glencoe mountain resort (www.glencoemountain.com). Glencoe was Scotlands's original snow resort and even today it still holds the record for Scotland's steepest mountain run, the 'Fly Paper' black run, which is famed partly for it's challenge, but mainly for it's speed! Athough Glencoe lacks the apres-ski facillities of Glenshee, but that's more than made up for by it's abillity to catch late season snow, which ensures that you can be snowboarding all the way into May! Prices start from £30 per day.


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