SNCM Ferries France: A Floating Mediterranean Palace

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SNCM ferries France (Société Nationale Maritime Corse Méditerranée) are a major French ferry operator in passenger, vehicle and freight transportation in the Western Mediterranean. SNCM can trace its history back to 1850, and are one of the oldest ferry companies operating in Europe.

SNCM's ferries sail from Marseille, Toulon, Niceon mainland France, Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi, Ile Rousse, Propriano, Algiers, Skikda and Bejaia in Algeria, Porto Vecchio on Corsica, Oran, as well as Tunis in Tunisia, Genoa in Italy and Porto Torres on Sardinia. Named after famous French people and locations such as: Napoleon Bonaparte, Jean Nicoli, Monte D' Or and Ile de Beaute, SNCM ferries in France are known for their opulence, world-class cuisine, entertainment spectaculars, attention to detail, personal touch and excellent customer service.

From the UK you can depart from various ports such as Portsmouth, Plymouth, Dover or Newhaven. Some of the best UK companies to search for  tickets are: Southernferries.co.uk, AFerry.co.uk, Directferries.co.uk and travel-betterdeals.com/cat/ferries. Depending on where you want to go, crossings can range from 2-4 crossings per day, to 2-4 crossings per week, and can last from as little as 3 hours from Propriano to Porto Torres, to 36 hours from Oran to Marseille.

A foot passenger return jaunt from Marseille to Algeria will set you back approximately £395, whereas a short trip to Propriano to Porto Torres will cost you a cheap £52. Of course prices vary depending on which ferry route you decide upon, the length of the crossing, the time of year and extra costs such as tolls, fuel, food and beverages.

Sailing on one of these babies is not only cost-effective and enjoyable, but it is also endearing. Don't take my word for it, jump on-board yourself and feel the breeze upon your face as you sail through the aquamarine Mediterranean on an SNCM floating palace—it will be a trip worth remembering.

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