Why it pays to be a smart traveller

Over the years travelling abroad has become easier thanks to cheap flights and great hotel deals online. For those reasons, we travel more than ever before. The 45.5 million Brits that travelled abroad in 2008 established a record which stood until 2017 when 46.5 million made overseas trips, which is proof that Brexit hasn’t affected the British desire to find sun and sea abroad. Despite all the extra air miles covered and the additional runways built to cope with the extra demand the rise in air travel is creating, passengers haven’t made the same leap forward when it comes to the way they travel. We still go to the airport wheeling the same old suitcases behind us and carrying the same old travel bags across our shoulders. Isn’t it time we caught up with the travelling revolution we’re enjoying by travelling not just more but also a little smarter?

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Enjoy the ride

Travelling has become easier and cheaper so we fly out more often and yet the way we travel and the things we take with us while we travel haven’t really changed. If you want to be a really smart traveller, give some thought not only to the destination and what you’ll do when you get there but also to the travelling itself. Your holiday begins the second you leave the house so enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Your holiday begins before you leave the airport

Are you the sort of person that rushes everywhere? That’s great when you’ve got to get to work but generating a lot of urgency and stress when you’re on your way to the airport is not conducive to a great holiday.Your holiday begins when you leave the home and travel to the airport. The better planned your trip, the less that can go wrong. Don’t forget that air travel is a form of public transport. Buses and trains aren’t always on time and there’s no telling who you’ll sit uncomfortably close to on the tube. It’s the same with air travel.

Anticipating a good time

The anticipation of a great holiday is also part of the enjoyment so plan your break well and you’ll have peace of mind that the trip will be great. A travel agent, whether online or based on the high street, should be considered as they can help maximise the experience for you and your family while minimising the hassle. You’ll get the personal touch this way as your requirements are fed into a computer which generates a list of the best holiday experiences on offer to match your dream break and your financial budget. Using an agent can make your trip into a tailor-made adventure so definitely go down this route if you’re thinking about that once in a lifetime experience.

Go big or go home

How good does that packed suitcase look when you manage to close it on the morning of your flight? Does it look as good once it’s been thrown around by airport staff and run through the baggage handling machine? Whether you wrap your case with heavy-duty stretchy film or buy a handful of straps, it won’t be the same once it’s been used and abused a few times. Let’s face it, most of us damage the cases ourselves by forcing the zip to close or by forcing items in when there’s no space left. How many flights should a case last for? What sort of warranty do you get? These questions seem a little bit silly to ask about a bag but not when you’re paying hundreds of pounds for them. The average price of a suitcase in the UK is currently £141 but you’ll need a lot more than that if you want a case that will last you a few years and way more if you’d like to use the same luggage for a lifetime. You’re better off spending a little more than you’d really like to so that you get a case that will last. Let’s not forget that the best-made cases that cost the most money will also protect their contents better than their cheaper rivals meaning less chance of your holiday items flying out as the case goes through the rigorous baggage handling process.


You won’t act the same abroad as you do when you’re at home so why would you bring the same things? You’ll need a card holder rather than a wallet when you’re wearing shorts all day rather than trousers. You won’t have your office laptop or your car to charge your smartphone through so you’ll need a portable power pack. And what about your shoes? Are they really OK bouncing around in your suitcase? Wouldn’t a dedicated shoe bag be better?

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