Small wonder

The small, quirky seaside city of Tallinn is just the ticket for a weekend of serendipitous adventure – and as it’s so small you’ll never really get lost.

The best time to visit the Estonian capital is probably between May and September, when the city has up to 20 hours of sunlight a day. (You might want to avoid the summer equinox and Tallinn’s ‘white nights’, though, as they tend to attract hordes of drunken revellers in the form of idiotic Stag nights – not a pretty sight in this small town.

It’s hard to describe the Old Town without using the word fairytale yet there is real life here, too, with increasingly sophisticated drinking and dining and a thriving arts scene. This is a city growing out of its grim Soviet past and long history of suppression. And it is the real thing, alluringly intact despite centuries of trampling by Danish conquerors and Teutonic knights, Swedes, Russians, Nazis and Soviets!

But it’s not all quaint sight-seeing, its clubs throb till early morning. Located just inside the Old Town’s walls, fashionable Stereo Lounge has futuristic white furnishings and a glowing bar that make it one of Tallinn’s most unexpected spaces.

And you can then assume the recovery position at Anneli Viik for handmade truffles laced with Baileys all washed down with a mug of dense, dark hot chocolate or a glass of something sparkling.

Check out Estonian Air, www. estonian-air.ee which flies to Tallinn, for more details on flights and prices.

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