Slim girl asked to give up plane seat for obese teen

Ever since the release of the film 'Super Size Me', the world has woken up to the obesity problem of today's youth in America. Never has the issue seemed more prevalent than to one passenger who attempted to fly from Las Vegas to Sacremento, USA, and was told to give up her seat to an over-weight 14 year old who needed two.

The passenger, who did not want to be named, told the Daily Mail 'she had paid full price for the fare – and was berated by staff when asked why she had been kicked off the flight.' The portly girl in question who then took her seat was travelling alone and had only paid for the one seat.

A spokesman for Southwest Airlines said that 'it should have handled the ‘awkward’ situation more carefully, adding that the woman would receive an apology.'

The airline previously came under fire from the airline industry when it famously refused to allow indie film-maker and director Kevin Smith to fly on one of its flights, claiming that he was 'too fat.'

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