Slide away before taking off

It needn't be all doom and gloom in Singapore's Changi airport, when you look up at a row of blinking monitors and discover the holiday of your dreams wouldn't be reachable for another 5 hours or more. Just head to the airport's latest installation: the world's tallest slide in an airport.

Spanning four storeys and located within Terminal 3, the over-sized fair-ground ride named 'TheSlide@T3' is 12 metres high and allows users, above the age of seven, to travel at a speed of 6 metres a second, the Daily Mail reports.

Other such delights await the weary traveller at the airport: 'Changi is regularly voted the world's best airport and boasts a cinema, butterfly garden and a rooftop swimming pool among its attractions.'

Just remember to actually catch your flight and begin your holiday properly!

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